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Android and iOS hints

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Review on Brave Frontier game for android

Brave frontier is an awesome which is capable of giving the mobile users a nostalgic feeling for the days that they have already left behind. It is something awesome and can be really worth for anyone to try. It is the one which gives things in JRPGs. It is good for you to ensure that all kinds of RPG may be in need of some land for saving. Brave frontier call this game as Grand Gaia. This is the magical locale for the hidden power for the ones who have the energy for vanquishing the strange creatures. Some fallen gods have sealed this off. This is the context setting for the game. You come in the game as the summoner who has got immense promise. Lucius gate was opened to you for entering to Grand Gaia. Tilith is the guide who is thee with you and help you in getting introduced to so many things like the summoning units, ways to fuse them for making them much powerful, lead them to combat and it may not take much time for you to start getting the things in right way.brave frontier

What you do in the Game

You are going to fight with so many kinds of creatures on battles that are turn based. You may be able to deal with so many enemies so that you can get yourself moved to an ultimate battle. Once you start with the game you might understand that it is either all or nothing. It is possible to make use of consumable to keep yourself alive.

Screen & Controls

Graphical representation is something real awesome with brave frontier. Animations in it are really so smooth and flows well. Art direction associated with it is really consistent. There is also good amount of background music which can fit with overall aesthetic. There are intuitive touch controls that may really help the presentation well. It is good that you make use of the game for enjoying the graphical part.

Speed and StabilityUnit_ills_full_50112

One of the major drawbacks that you find with the android games is the time that it takes for loading the content in the game. In the case of brave frontier things are different and it is really fast to get the game loaded with the content. It is really something that makes you like the game. Most of the gamer may find it really very frustrating when they need to wait for long for the game to be loaded. Brave frontier is the game which is really stable and will never get crashed when you actually play with the same. It can provide you with much better and great gaming experience.

Price & Performance Ratio

Brave frontier is the game which you can get free for downloading from the play store. When you start playing the game then you may need to spend money on purchasing the jewel. The cost of the same can be something in between 0.99 cents and even to 64.99 USD depending up on the gem packages.